The Colour Of Sex

By | November 21, 2008

Trying to describe my synaesthesia to anyone is difficult because even two synaesthetes experience sensation and the mixing of the sense differently. Hell, synaesthesia is often written as synesthesia so we can’t even agree on a spelling Lol.

I mention this because I experienced a really unusual sparkly blue orgasm tonight. It’s pretty much impossible to explain to someone how you can see sensations as colour in the first place, but to explain to them how dark blue can be sparkly … now that’s a challenge.

For those of you unfamiliar with my gift let me explain. When I experience sensations, linked to the sense of touch, I see colours accompanying them. Sometimes this is a wash of colour, sometimes quite distinct shapes and patterns that accompany and envelope the sensations that most other people in the world experience. The more intense the sensation the more pronounced the colours I see.

That doesn’t mean the colours are brighter or more gaudy when the sensation is more powerful, but the experience is more potent and memorable.

In fact saying “colour” is a little misleading because while I always express these experiences in terms of colours that everyone sees through their eyes it is often the case that there are no colours which accurately match those I “see” through my synaesthesia. How do you tell someone that the most amazing and vivacious orgasm you just experienced was a sort of churning muddy brown-yellow? Everyone wants to feel like you saw red and gold fireworks … but it doesn’t work like that.

Last year I tried some electro-stim equipment at an adult show in Birmingham and I was rather taken with it. The extra dimension that my gift gives me made me want to experience the full range that the kit offered. The burst of sensation that I felt meant I want to experiment with just how much I could take from the machine.

That made me realise that my synaesthetic experiences are in fact addictive. This in turn gave me an insight into the assertion that I have read on the Internet about synaesthesia being linked to a tendency towards BDSM. While synaesthesia does make you want to experience the extremes of sensation that in itself does not make you a masochist.

A masochist feels the need for pain, either because they enjoy it or because they need pain to fill a void in their existence that nothing else will fill. Some would argue that a true masochist does not enjoy pain, but simply needs it to function, but that is not what this post is about.

For those who experience pleasure and an endorphin rush from pain I can well see how that would be enhanced if they experience synaesthesia. I on the other hand see experiencing tactile sensation as a means to further explore my synaesthesia not that my synaesthesia causes me to seek out pain.