Sneaky Photos of Sienna Miller

By | November 21, 2008

Sienna MillerHere’s a notice to all papps out there: If you’d like to come and camp outside my house for a couple of years to take pointless, blurry photos of me and Suze then you can do so whenever you like.


Well she just won £53,000 damages against a photographic agency for invasion of privacy and the distress it caused. In all seriousness though I can understand where she’s coming from. Yes you accept that being int public eye you’re going to attract attention from the press, after all you’re famous. But most of the pictures these guys take are hardly newsworthy and ultimately pointless.

Take two extremes of this particular branch of journalism. If your surname is Beckham you attempt to very carefully control (some might venture manipulate) which images of you reach the public’s gaze. Fair enough in one respect I suppose as they are a very valuable brand.

At the other end of the scale, Peter Andre and Katie Price seem plagued by magazine cover images of them apparently having some form of crisis in their relationship.

Fame is bad enough but the people who feed on it …