Fucking Through The Recession

By | November 21, 2008

As the recession bites over here more business are closing down and people are loosing their jobs every day as it takes its toll. Britain used to be known for its friendly public houses, where you could buy a drink and a pickled egg. Now pubs are closing at an alarming rate.

Instead people are opting to purchase their drinks more economically from the supermarket and stay at home instead. I have always enjoyed inviting friends round to the house for drinks rather than standing in an over crowded pub having to shout you way through a conversation. At the same time I can also see a part of the British culture disappearing, I like the traditional pub with its characters and the rather worn charm of the surroundings.

But its not all doom and gloom. One place that does appear to be thriving, at least if the last couple of week are anything to go by. Is the sex shop. We have noticed that there are more people in there every time we visit and not just singles but couples. When we visited today there were a few couples in there.

Now I don’t usually watch what people go in there to buy but today I did notice a rather attractive couple over by the BDSM stand. Rather than having a quick look and then moving on as most do. He was actually trying collars on her. For some reason I felt like I wanted to go over and ask them all about their intimate moments, almost like an interview. Lol They just looked adventurous like us.

I wondered through the isles of DVD’s looking for something different to watch, I have been a bit disappointed with what is out there lately, it has been very formulaic and really quite boring. At one point I found myself next to an old chap in a flat cap. He seemed a bit uncomfortable with me being there but it did speed up his purchase.

Within minutes he was off to pay, he had been there for a while though. I love to see how people react to me being in the shop. Some don’t seem to mind whilst others scatter like birds to a cat. If only they took the time to see I wasn’t a threat and may even to be able to proffer some advice, after all I have tried out a good number of the products in that store. đŸ˜‰

It always makes me smile when the girl in the shop asks me if I require any help. I feel like saying “no I have tested most of these toys already would you like to know which ones are good?”. Maybe I should see if there are any vacancies…

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