Just One Word – Slut

By | November 22, 2008

I’m currently reading a book of short stories with a BDSM theme and I must say it is a great improvement on the last one I read from this publishing house. Although I’m still disappointed by the amount of spelling mistakes/incorrect words which should have been proof read out of the stories.

Without elaborating too much because I want to do a full review when I have completed the book. There is an interesting diversity of stories in this one, with something to wet the appetite I mean panties. One particular office based tale really captivated me one lunch break last week. 😉

It’s fair to say that I was really getting in to and off, reading these short stories at lunch time. That was until today. I was happily loosing myself in my naughty self indulgent reading when I came across a word which doesn’t sit well with me now. I have read it in so many stories that it has become extremely cliché and over used, it immediately puts me off reading any further.

Do you want to know what my all time most disliked word is?

It’s the word Slut. I detest it, once upon a time I liked the term it summed up a wanton girl quite adequately but now it has come to represent cheese for me.

Strange how one word can completely spoil a whole story but I had to move on and read the next. I must admit I starting to take a dislike to hungrily and greedily now. Damn, there won’t be any descriptive words for me to use soon.