Storm In A B Cup

By | November 23, 2008

I simply couldn’t resist naming this post as above. Lol Do you recall some weeks back I wrote about having problems containing my boobs in my bra lately. They just would not stay put and kind of muffin topped out of my cups all the time.

BTW, if you can think of the correct terminology for boobs spilling over your bra cup let me know. 😉

At the time Busty at work seemed to be having similar problems keeping her breasts at bay too. We were wondering if it was the time of year or something. Do boobs grow in the dark? After all we are heading rapidly towards winter.

Well, finally I gave in and decided just before we had our couple of days away that I would go and try on a larger size. I went to M&S, not too expensive and they really have some nice ranges in obviously for Christmas.

We browsed the isles of undies together Alex and I and finally decided on a nice brocade style in dare I say it a “C Cup”. You can’t imagine what this means to me to finally be able to try on this size of cup. When I was in my early twenties I was in an “AA Cup”. So I am bowled over that now I was able to try on a larger size.

I wondered off to the changing rooms with a slight amount of excitement mixed with trepedation that my size would fall somewhere between B and C cup. I wondered off to the changing rooms leaving Alex waiting with the other expectant “undie worshippers” outside. Lol How come they always look so nervous as they await their respective partners appearing from the changing rooms.

In this instance I was unable to share the fit with Alex and had to try it out on my own. I slipped off my t-shirt and unhooked the yellow push-up bra I was wearing and cast it to the bench to the left of me. I released the brocade bra from its hanger and took it around my back bringing the clasp to the front to be fastened.

Once the hooks were engaged I slipped it around my back so the cups were now to the front just under my cleavage. Still concerned that it may not fit I lifted the cups in to position and slipped my arms in to the straps. As they reached my shoulders I shuffled my breast in to a central position in the cups and took a look in the mirror.

Bloody hell! It fitted like a glove, no spilling over the top and a wonderful fit. Why do I feel like I just achieved something, am I being silly? 😉