I Survived!

By | February 17, 2007

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I made it to the weekend relatively unscathed but OMG I’m so brain frazzled and tired. Having been given a quite gruelling training and familiarisation programme every day last week my head feels fit to burst.

The one thing which saved me when I felt really low at certain parts this week were the people, they are so friendly and supportive. And believe me I have been to hell and back on the confidence front. My stomach was churning and doing cartwheels every morning when the alarm went off and my sleep went completely to the wall, consequently, this weekend was much needed before I collapsed with exhaustion.

I can’t begin to convey the soup of emotions which I was swimming in, one moment I felt content that my level of understanding was increasing and therefore me knowledge and then the next, self doubt and the “will I ever be capable of doing this job?”. My sympathies go out to anyone else out there who has just started a new job and taking the emotional rollercoaster trip that I have been on.

My daily fiddles have gone by the wayside too. At lunchtime I have been so wound up and pre-occupied that I wasn’t in the mood to finger fuck or flick my clit. The swarthy sales guy is only in the office one day a week and he is on a different floor to the one I’m working on, so I won’t be getting the eye candy which would have encouraged me to go off and rub one out. 🙁

There may be salvation on the horizon though. My workplace is in the industrial area of the town and the local *”greasy spoon” is only a short drive down the road and is frequented by truck drivers, men in overalls from the workshops and mechanics. I have been in every day last week to check out the custom. All I can report at this moment is that I haven’t seen any oily, muscular hunks in there yet but I am developing a positive attitude. 🙂

I’m not sure if the breadcakes are a metaphor for the average prowess of their manly customers but they measure about the same size round as a cloth cap. Lol I have been encountering problems fitting them in to my mouth. 😉

I’ve been so tired in the evening, not sleepy but weary that foreplay has all but been ignored this week by me. Instead I opted for the quick hard fuck with no trimmings, just deep and dirty. Alex I promise as soon as I get my energy levels replenished I will be going down on you like a whore.

We had the added workload of looking after little nephew over night Friday, and all day today, which sapped the last bit of my strength. I love him to pieces but he is like a dynamo and I was flagging. Maybe on Sunday we will both get some quality time together before I return to work Monday. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

*Greasy spoon refers to a non-salubrious café where the cliental are usually truckers or manual labourers, a little rough and ready and quite often the best places to eat for a hearty inexpensive meal.