Songs That Make You Want To Fuck

By | November 23, 2008

I know that sounds a little bit harsh but that is exactly what some songs do to me. I know from the first play that they arouse something in me. It’s kind of strange but I have a song in my head for most memorable times in my life. Funerals, weddings, breakups and makeups.

I’m sure it’s not just me that does this kind of musical association. For example one of my uncles died the same year as “Life isn’t everything” was released by Elton John. There are so many memories I have stacked up against particular songs.

What brought this to mind was a comment at work last week by Busty, she was impressed that during the daily song quiz I got most of the answers. The reason for this is because I can attach a song to a period in time based on what was happening at the time. It may link to a boyfriend or whatever but all of it is auditable in my catalogue of life. Is that sad or a good thing? I’m not sure.

However it does allow me to get most of the questions right. I just need someone to pay me now. Lol It also stores many memories which otherwise would have been rather blurry so I’m sure it is a good thing to hold so many memories after all it makes us what we are I suppose.

Blimey, that is kind of heavy isn’ t it!

I’m not sure which memory this track will be associated with in the coming months but for now I think they are just a bloody good band making a catchy sound. Click on the image to go and listen, I think the group is from St Albans in the UK.

This group seem to encapsulate the energy and sexual tension contained in me how about you?