Playing With Alicia

By | November 24, 2008

AlexSuze.comToday was a half day at work for me. I have to take my holiday allowance before the end of the year as we can’t carry it over.

I thought I would disappear upstairs, relax, put on a naughty DVD (I hadn’t watched one for a while) and have a little me time.

I selected a DVD from our collection and retired to the bedroom. As I placed the DVD in the player I realised I hadn’t checked if Alex had sent me any texts whilst I was in work. He sometimes sends me naughty ones when I’m in the office, it takes me all my time not to giggle and blush. Lol

After closing the drive and pressing play I reached inside my handbag on the chair in the window and withdrew my mobile. I almost forgot to draw the curtains, I hurriedly pulled them too as the television screen is clearly visible to passers by.

Next was choice of weapon…I opened the toy suitcase under the bed and happened across my old and trusty friend the cherry nibbler clit tickler. No need to look any further, I closed the case and pushed it back under the bed.

I placed my mobile and the clit tickler on my bedside drawers and unbuttoned my black shirt and slipped it from my shoulders. Then I unzipped my black trousers and stepped out of them, too eager to climb between the sheets I flung them on to the chair in the window along with my blouse.

Wriggling out of my panties I cast them off to the floor. That was better! I selected the teasing scene from Orgasm Addicts, where Alicia has a girl wearing thigh length boots strung up to the ceiling by her wrists, I won’t tell you any more in case you haven’t seen the scene it’s a hot one. Well, just a little more…a spreader bar is used on the girl. 😉

I quickly check the messages on my phone. Nothing. Alicia begins to move in on the girl and I take hold of my clit stimulator moistening it with my own saliva. A couple of clicks later and I have parted my pussy lips and placed the vibrating cup over my sensitive clit. And wow, it was very receptive.

As I watched Alicia prey on this girl I began to imagine her working her tongue over my clit and sucking at my swollen pussy lips. I squirmed as the battery operated device hit the spot and placed my right foot on top of my left. You all know I do this by now. Lol It just seems to focus all my nerve endings on my masturbatory attentions.

I was very close to reaching orgasm and then the feeling subsided, you girls will know the scenario. You then have to chase the orgasm, adjusting your technique. I began to move the cup gently from side to side over my clit hood. That did the trick and I could feel my nerve endings jangle and resonate through my pelvis and in t0 my lower back.

It suddenly occurred to me I was now moaning quite loudly but luckily my nextdoor neighbours hadn’t arrived home from work, which also meant I could have the volume up on the DVD. Alicia is such a naughty Brit! 😉

A couple more glides over my swollen pink nub and I could feel my orgasm growing within my groin. My muscles started to tense and spasm, legs kicking involuntarily. I actually kicked the cat off the bottom of the bed, I was totally unaware it was there. Lol

My shoulders and upper body lifted off the bed as it took me deeper in to it’s grip. I gripped the bedsheet with my left hand and continued to work the vibe with my other. My upper body lifted from the bed several times like I was doing situp’s, totally out of my control. It was pure ecstacy, I felt as if I was glowing in a tingly kind of way.

I curled my toes upwards and tilted my pelvis, placing my foot firmly against the top of my left one once more. This time I came and my whole body shivered and juddered I was crying out with the emotion of the moment but there was nobody to hear me except Alicia and her friend.

Orgasm subsided and I collapsed spent on to the bed the clit stimulator falling from my loosening grip on to the bedsheet. The orgasm was so grippingly wonderful that I just wanted to share my emotions, the moment with someone.

It’s something I have never done before but I decided to take a picture of my swollen moist pussy with my phone. Don’t ask me where the idea came from I don’t know. Then I decided it would be a good idea to send the image to Alex. I know…sex can make you say and do some strange things. 😉

I captured the image and uploaded it in to a message which said just this, “Hi, I just wanted you to know I had the most earth shattering clitoral orgasm. Love Suze X” Then I pressed Send.

It occurred to me afterwards that I didn’t have a clue where Alex would be, he could have been with a client for all I knew.

An hour or so later when he arrived home I knew he had seen the picture as he entered the door with a cheeky smile on his face. “Well”, I said. “You have the most perfect timing. I was in a meeting at work when my phone went off”. “Oh, no!”, I gasped. “Luckily I waited to view the message until it was over”.

We both giggled.

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