Saucy Fucking

By | November 25, 2008

Homemade sex toyI have both seen and heard some strange things in my life but this one is hilarious for so many reasons. Oh, let me explain for those of you who haven’t heard of the famous pasta sauce manufacturers, Dolmio, they err make pasta sauce. Right on with the story.

A guy in Australia was fined after he was stopped by the police after they chased him for ten minutes. The man 46 year old Keith Roy Weatherley was spotted acting suspiciously by the officers.

When they approached him in his car at wait for it…

…Nobbys Beach (you simply couldn’t make this up could you) they believed him to be armed and drew their weapons. He was found with a 750ml pasta jar around his penis. Lol It is claimed that whilst they struggled with him he continued to pleasure himself with his home made sex toy.

In the car with him were women’s stockings, pornography and a Jack Russell terrier who probably wasn’t very amused. 🙂 Weatherley was fined £275 for offensive behaviour, resisting the police and disobeying a police direction.

He claimed to have resisted arrest because he was trying to make himself decent. Personally I think he just needed to finish what he started. Strange I will never look at a jar of Dolmio the same again. 😉

Story taken from The Metro.