Third Time’s A Tit Wank

By | November 25, 2008

I mentioned in a previous post that Suze insisted, and I mean insisted, on giving me a tit wank the other night. It’s something that we haven’t done for a while; One of those sexual activities that you let slip when you’re busy, or just forget how deliciously naughty it can be.

Well, we’d already fucked twice, the first time ending in me unleashing the contents of my aching balls in a few minutes. My cock was hard and big, one of those erections that demands to be satisfied. Suze gasped at the ferocity and passion of my advances as she lay on her side, me straddling her legs and pinning her down to fuck her. The second progressing more slowly, ultimately resulting in a deep and satisfying doggy fuck for both of us.

When I began to move my hand slowly across her flesh at around half past one in the morning she immediately warmed to my advances. I slipped beneath the covers and buried my head into her freshly trimmed bush. I tasted myself and her pussy juices with each lap of my tongue and enjoyed her squirming underneath me.

She tugged at my leg, coaxing me to lift it so she could slide underneath and take my cock in her mouth. I, of course obliged, and felt myself welcomed my her grazing teeth and lithe tongue. A long 69 followed and then, as I disengaged to do a 180 and guide myself into her wet pussy her hand curled around my cock and guided it into her soft cleavage.

I rubbed myself in the warm, enveloping valley between her tits. From time to time she would crane her neck forward and, releasing me from between her breast, lick and suck my cock to lubricate and arouse me. She could taste my precum, I could tell by the appreciative Mmmms she made as she sucked me. Then it was back to thrusting between her tits and feeling her massage them with her hands as I did so.

I tried to slip a hand between her legs so I could enter her with two fingers, but as she was laid on her side the angle was awkward.

I felt myself approaching orgasm, but had to shift my weight as the memory foam mattress we have had absorbed my knee and meant I was losing my balance. After readjusting myself Suze took me in her mouth again wetting my glans with her saliva and teasing the opening to my urethra with the tip of her tongue.

A minute later I was there again, and gasped “I’m cumming, I’m cumming”. Suze moaned as she felt my hot spunk squirt across her chest and neck.

The orgasm was amazing, orange, brown and black. I pushed her onto her back and leant forward, my tongue scooping up some of the cum on her chest. The I kissed her and let her share the taste.

With her pussy now available I was able to kneel next to her and slide my middle and ring finger into her pussy. I found her G-Spot and began the “cum hither” action that I knew would have her dripping with her own cum in moments. Her G-Spot was swollen with blood, engorged by her arousal. Her moans reduced to the tiniest of squeaks as her excitement made her almost mute, she was so close.

Then I realised I hadn’t grabbed a towel to absorb the imminent flood. Cursing my lack of forethought I eased off and had to settle for bringing her to orgasms but stopping short of eliciting the full tidal wave of fluid that she is capable of producing.

Spontaneity has its drawbacks.