The She’s The Kinky Bitch Next Door

By | November 25, 2008

I was surfing around a few yahoo groups today and it occurred to me that while only a small proportion of the population have what you might call non-conventional sex lives (D/s, BDSM etc) there are a high enough number in any locale to mean that within only a few miles of any door in the UK there is a kinky bitch (or guy) lurking.

Of course these people are from all backgrounds and they don’t (usually) wear a T-shirt with “I’m Dominatrix” on them, or “I love CBT”. So who are your neighbours, do you really know and if you’re in an Internet chatroom, how do you know that the sub you are training on the web isn’t the guy from across the road who drives a BMW and looks as vanilla as they come.

Hehe I need a kink-dar to detect them, wouldn’t that be fun.