My First Anal, well almost…

By | February 18, 2007

Despite being tired after my first week at work, I just couldn’t say no to having little nephew over for the night on Friday. This did set back our sex schedule, Saturday afternoon sex is so good but we had to save it until Saturday night. 🙂

Why is it you feel so guilty fucking in the next room to a child? Even when the child is fast asleep and not your own. Strange, but it didn’t put either of us off. Lol As soon as he had gone to sleep we climbed the stairs to the bedroom, turned on the DVD player and watched our latest purchase from the sex shop.

We were both tired and Alex spooned behind me to watch the MMF action (my favourite at the moment) 😉 He was cupping my breasts and kissing my neck whilst I just lay there enjoying the visuals and his attention.

It wasn’t long before he started to rub his groin against my buttocks. Then the rubbing became grinding and I started to become wet and my nipples hard. Alex took my right nipple between his fingers and began to firmly roll it between his fingers. He knows I love that! 😉 I groaned my appreciation and pushed my buttocks firmly against his groin, which now secreted something long and hard, which was pushing against me.

Alex started to bite my ear and shivers ran down my spine. He whispered in my ear, “I want to fuck you now”. He didn’t receive any resistance from me, I rolled over on to my back and he leaned over me to kiss me deeply, pushing his tongue in to my mouth with force. I could now see that he was in a dominant mood and I would be getting some hard fucking soon.

“Roll over on to your knees, let me see your pussy”, he demanded. I raised myself to my knees, placing my hands on the pillows and pushing my ass towards him as an offering. I could feel the heat of his breath as he lowered his torso until his head was next to my ass.

I giggled with delight as he ran his tongue up my slit from front to back and then he licked around my anus. Not something I had really enjoyed before but I seemed to be super receptive. A couple of circles around my tight arsehole and a quick jab from his tongue as he pushed against my sphincter and I confess it felt really nice.

Again I let him know just how much I appreciated his anal attentions. “Yes, I…oooh, that feels good”, escaped my lips. “You want more?” he asked and I responded that it felt good. He continued to lap at my lips followed by a quick lick between my buttocks and then he taped my right inner thigh with his hand and I parted my legs in readiness for his entry.

By now I was extremely wet and he ran his hand between my legs and wet the tip of his erect cock with my juices. He then moved forward as I pushed my ass high in to the air to ease his entry. As he pushed beyond my labia and inside me I could feel my pussy muscles tighten, almost trying to pull him further in to me. He felt good, he felt big…

He pushed his dick full in to me and I felt his balls ground on my pussy. I let out a slight yelp as he pushed my cervix back to accommodate him. Then he began the slow withdrawal before plunging back in to me. I must have stretched to accommodate him because I was now taking his full length quite easily as he fucked me harder and harder. 😉 Jackhammering in to my swollen pussy.

I was in pure ecstasy, wanting, no needing this action all week. My mind began to wonder off to other destinations as he fucked me all the way to heaven. His thrust began to abate and I felt a gentle push inside my anus, it was so smooth and unhindered. My ass must have been slightly open and pouting as his entry was gentle and very, very nice. I never thought I would here myself say that I actually liked to have a my ass finger fucked but this felt far better than I imagined.

Every inward thrust of his cock was now being matched by one from his finger. It felt natural, warm, comforting and above all extremely arousing. I could tell that Alex was enjoying doing this to me as much as I was, his breathing was heavy and I was moaning my delight quite loudly. At one point I became aware of the volume of my and pushed my head in to the pillow, which made him fuck me all the more.

I lost count of how many orgasmic waves hit the shore. It seemed too many to count even if I wanted to. I could sense that Alex was getting close and he withdrew his finger from my sphincter as he came inside me. I could feel him tremble with the power of his orgasm. Then with a final shiver he lay against my back and kissed my left shoulder. My pussy was so swollen, I could feel it pulsing with blood as his cock slipped out of me.

As Alex settled beside me with his arm around me thought turned to future anal play but this time with me being the recipient…

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