Alycia Lane’s Bikini Shots

By | November 26, 2008

Alycia LaneFor some people money is the motivation that makes them get out of bed in a morning, for others it’s that sense of achievement they get to know they’ve done a job well, or maybe that they’ve helped another human being. Unfortunately anyone who’s in the public eye and highly paid can focus on the money and fame part of their job a little more than they should.

That appears to be what happened in the case of Alycia Lane and Larry Mendte.

It’s difficult to imagine how anyone would not be rather peeved when their younger, more highly paid co-worker tells you that you are ’50 and on [your] way out’. That isn’t justification for hacking or invasion of privacy of course, but it does indicate a degree of tension between Lane and Mendte that isn’t desirable in any working relationship especially in a high pressure newsroom.

Sending provocative photos of yourself to a TV married exec isn’t the best career move either. Did he ask for them or was she encouraging him to keep her in mind at the next round of pay reviews? It was certainly unfair on Mendte as I can’t imagine him looking great in a Bikini.

Yet again that illusion that we call fame claims more victims.

You can read the story here and make your own mind up as to who was most to blame for the way things turned out. IMHO probably both of them to a greater or lesser extent.