I Can’t Show Him That!

By | November 26, 2008

AlexSuze.comWe had a busy weekend and despite getting a huge amount done, there’s a lot I didn’t get round to. It’s frustrating that as I sit, taking a break and drinking a diabolically horrible coffee from a Klix vending machine that all I can think about is writing and blogging and toy reviews and videos and, well anything but work.

I feel a career change coming on. Not necessarily into writing full time, but something more creative. Getting back into photography maybe, video perhaps? Maybe even television?

One part of me says that it’s daft to aspire to such things, after all I don’t move in creative circles other than on the Web. Yet the other side of me, the one that wants the change tells me that I, no we, Suze and I, have a huge amount of untapped potential and ideas. They have been dammed up for so long when unleashed they more than make up for our lack of experience.

Now the question is of course, how do you go about declaring authorship of a sex blog on your CV? Do you wait until after the job offer? Well not really, I mean who’s going to give you a job based on the declaration that “I’ve written a blog for three years, but I can’t tell you the URL”?

Coffee break over, back to the grind. (From the ground to the grind, before anyone says it)

The wolf? I love wolves.