Dark Days and Hot Nights

By | November 26, 2008

It’s Wednesday, but it feels like it should be Friday. Christmas really can’t come soon enough.

There, I’ve said it, I mentioned Christmas and it’s not December yet. I should be ashamed of myself. I like to keep Christmas in December, sort of distil it down into a concentrated festival, not spread it out into October as the high street retailers would have us do.

The weather isn’t helping of course. I will be driving to and from work in the dark for the next two months, that doesn’t do much to fill me full of joy. But it’s a consequence of living at this latitude. At least we get longer days in the summer.

Early to bed too of course tonight. I stayed up far to late into the early hours last night, so need to catch up. And snuggling up with Suze is guaranteed to get me distracted later.

I can’t wait for the weekend. As you can probably tell.