Losing It?

By | February 19, 2007

No not me, Britney Spears. We don’t normally comment on the news, too much naughtiness about for that to get a look in, but sometimes a story just has to be remarked upon.

What is the poor girl up to? It doesn’t take a psychologist to realise she’s in need of some help and support right now. Sadly as with many celebrities she’ll probably not find it amongst her current circle of friends. If the gossip columns are to be believed those friends include Paris Hilton and the partying glitterati who have been keeping Britney from returning to what we know and often love (or at lest enjoy) her for, making pop records.

I’m not a huge Britney fan, in fact I think she has produced some utter bilge. FYI my favourite song to date was “Toxic”, penned by Cathy Dennis, perfect song for her at the time and a very provocative video.

Anyway, back to my point. Yes I do have one. Everyone in the entire world knows Princess Britney has been a little lost for a couple of years, and my heart goes out to her, it truly does. I know everyone calls her trailer trash, and that might be true, but she’s a working mother with two kids to support and her relationships, if they can be called that, seemed destined to fail.

Boy does she pick em though. Everyone in the entire world seemed to recognise K-Fed as an escapee from the band in the Muppet Show. No strike that Dr Teeth’s band was entertaining and talented.

The SMS dumping of the hapless Kevin was a classic piece of tabloid fodder, ready made and shrink wrapped to become part of the Britney legend.

The problem with the rich and powerful is two-fold. Firstly they tend to be surrounded by friends/advisors/hangers-on/parasitical freeloaders (delete as applicable) who have agendas of their own. The second is that if they do go off the rails, they have the resources to go waaaayyy of the rails.

Consider this. If you or I go on a bender we get drunk, fall down, throw up and either crawl home to bed or have our friends/the local constabulary drag us off. To repeat that the next night and the next … you’d run out of money and/or lose your job, thus limiting the scope of your excess. When you’re rich and famous you can really trash your career, relationships and reputation by a constant string of drink, drugs or simply hedonistic binges.

I for one hopes that Britney gets some real friends around her and that she has access to someone she can trust, someone who has her interests at heart. She needs guidance and celebrity friendships, from this side of the looking glass at least, are the sort that simply reinforces this sort of nihilistic behaviour.

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