Bewitching Sex

By | November 27, 2008

Problems In The Bedroom?

I have to admit that I don’t usually spend much time on Ebay, I have probably only been on the site a few times and that was to check if they were auctioning off anything unusual. Lol It never fails to amaze me just what people manage to sell on there, I noticed that someone was selling a new thong.

Then I became intrigued to know if anyone was offering used undies. You just knew I would didn’t you? Yes, Suze hasn’t come on much since she was looking up naughty words in the dictionary whilst at school. Now come on, you did that too didn’t you? 😉

Next I looked up sex toy and didn’t really find much of interest, just adult stores selling their wares. Not much imagination and a big yawn.

However, persistence paid off big time because I found this  headed Female Orgasm Spell No More Need For Vibrator Sex. Toy. I kid you not this woman is claiming that she can cast a spell which will change your sex life.

Here is a quote taken from the site:

“Within just a few short weeks of my spell casting for you your sex life will improve by leaps and bounds. You will feel more attractive and sexual, you will desire sex more often, and most importantly: Finally be on the road to achieving [sic]that elusive, or all to [sic] infrequent orgasm.”

Now if you are really interested in this auction you must hurry because at last look there was just 16 hours and 1 minute to run. 🙂