Boys Or Toys

By | November 27, 2008

AlexSuze.comHaving tested a large range of adult toys over the past year, I now find it difficult not to advise people on which ones to purchase. Alex and I were in our local Sex Shop last weekend checking if there was anything new we could perhaps recommend to our sponsors and a lesbian couple came in and started to browse the naughty goodies on offer.

They started to look at the toys near to us and one of them picked up the Tongue Joy which we reviewed the other week. Well, I just couldn’t resist offering them some advice it seemed like the most natural thing in the world as I have been sharing it with you for so long.

I said without a thought “I tested that the other week and reviewed it.”

It’s the same at work, I would love to share my knowledge with the girls. I came very close to that today. I’m not sure how we got on to the subject of sex toys but we did. 😉 Busty didn’t say very much, which I suspect means she probably uses them with her knew boyfriend as she is becoming very adventurous these days.

But the other girl, the one without a guy at the moment turned round and said, “I prefer the real thing, can’t be bothered with toy”. Well, I almost found myself going in to review mode and extolling the virtues of the adult toy for the uninitiated. 😉 With a lot of self control I managed to hold back. I’m sure this girl would love some of my toys, even as a standby until Mr Right comes along.

I think “Sweatshop Sissy“, must have been reading my mind today. Because when I got home I had received and email from him with a link to this site which sells sex toy storage with some great features, like wipeable interiors (a must), removable lock and keys and best of all a glow in the dark zipper puller for emergency access in the heat of the moment. 😉

There is just one problem, I think we would really be needing something on the scale of a small wardrobe now. Lol But it was nice of Sissy to think of me. 😉

In fact I was talking to Alex only the other night about the number of toys we now have and how much they may be valued at. If we have any insurance brokers reading this post I ought to let you know I’m still looking for a policy that covers them. Or would they come under power tools?

The great thing is I also have a picture of my collection as used on the Sex Toy Review site.

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