Girls Night Out With Extras

By | November 28, 2008

Today was Busty’s last day at work for a week, I’m going to miss her but they say that absence makes the heart fonder. 😉 She fills much of my working day as it is and some of my nights.

I must admit since we went over for a foursome…naughty people, it was a meal with her and her boyfriend, that we have become closer. She talks to me about work related gossip and personal issues far more frequently but for some reason she is far more forth coming with office politics when Horny isn’t there. It is probably because Horny has been with the company for ages, perhaps since its conception.

I have to admit that she is captivating on all levels not just the visual but of course her FF boobs do help to hypnotise me. Today she looked particularly ravishing, she was wearing a pair of black trousers and a wrap around top in teal which would have been far more revealing had she not worn a skimpy top underneath.

It was a bit of a vain effort to look respectable because you could see her ample boobage through the deep band of black lace which skated over her cleavage. I think the very reason for the black top was because she simply couldn’t get the wrap around top to come together at a reasonable point. 😉

When I walked in to the office this morning my face must have betrayed my thoughts because I was spellbound by her chest and must have said “Good morning” to it as I entered the room. Lol

I’m rambling I know so I will get on with what I was going to tell you. We have a customer coming down to see us just before Christmas who wants to take our office out for dinner in the evening. Now as it happens Horny will be on holiday, which leaves just Horny and myself to attend dinner with the couple who are kindly inviting us out.

They have asked us to suggest a good restaurant to go to and the one which came to mind is just up the road from Busty’s. It does serve genuinely good food but I have to confess that I am hoping if they agree, I may get to stay the night at her house as she lives near to both the venue and work.

I’m working on it we’ll see. When Horny stays she shares her bed…I’m hoping that her boyfriend will be doing other things that night. What do you think? 😉