Sexy Fancy Dress

By | November 29, 2008

Sigourney WeaverOr is it?

There’s a fetish for everyone and everyone has their fetish. It doesn’t have to be a big thing or something that dominates your life, but I thin most people would admit to having a liking for some things, something that presses all the right buttons.

Personally I like laced-up things; boots, corsets that type of thing.

I also like certain types of dress, styles and some uniforms. That isn’t too uncommon. Out of interest I thought I’d look up “Sexy Fancy Dress” and peruse the costumes available for you guys Christmas. Most fall into the usual categories, naughty schoolgirls, sexy nurses, and wickedly cute fairy costumes.

Two however stood out.

First was the “Sexy Leprechaun”, OK so that is I suppose a derivative of the fairy theme. Though I don’t remember ever seeing or hearing of any female leprechauns.

The oddest though was a “Sexy Ghost Buster” costume. The only thing hot about ghost busters from what I remember is Sigourney Weaver in the doorway in Ghost Busters II. I don’t remember any busty, scantily clad members of the team in khaki hotpants and a khaki shirt – because that’s pretty much what the outfit amounted to.

I couldn’t find a good image of Sigourney in Ghostbusters so I opted for Galaxy Quest instead.