Body Stocking Fetish

By | November 29, 2008

I must confess since posting the other day about the “Love Spell”, I can’t keep away from Ebay. 🙂 You can find some really interesting things with the right search strings or even the just plain kinky.

For me stockings are one of the most sexy items of clothing a woman can wear. Put them on your head and well…you look silly even if you intend to go and rob a bank. They are made for accentuating the legs and defining the shape.

However my latest find on Ebay takes stocking wearing to a whole new level. This item is a full lycra bodysuit with openings where you want them.

Not quite my cup of tea but if you want to bid then you better hurry because there is only 7 hours to run on this item. If you bid let me know if you managed to get it or even better send me some pics of you wearing it. 😉