You’re Not Coming Anywhere Near Me With Those

By | December 1, 2008

PliersGuess where I have been again…

Yes, I confess I have been back on Ebay checking out strange auctions again. 🙂 I have to admit that I am becoming addicted to searching for the most bizarre auction running on there. Next week I may have to check myself in to the Betty Ford clinic if I don’t stop. Lol

This one I just couldn’t resist. Advertised as McDermott McGripper Pliers To Remove Rubber Butt Plug, I just had to check it out. At the same time I was a little scared, after all you wouldn’t want a pair of those anywhere near your ass would you?

Intrigued I clicked to read up on the auction.

Things were not as they appeared initially. It looks like (and I’m no expert on this, you may correct me if I’m wrong) you use them to remove the tip from a pool or snooker queue. I didn’t know that it was referred to as a butt.

So if someone tells you they were chalking up their butt last night you know exactly what they were up to. Lol