Suze Went On A Porn Hunt

By | December 1, 2008

We got up fairly early on Sunday morning considering that we had little nephew stay over this weekend. He has boundless energy and is such a little darling. This time he ran out of new DVD’s to watch and asked Alex if he could watch the other DVD’s we have. Alex swiftly replied that the ones we have are too old for him. Phew! Good job we moved our adult section.

Once dressed we headed for the mall to pick up some last minute Christmas bits and pieces. We bought some more cards (you never seem to have enough) and toiletries, I meant to find a book whilst we were there and forgot. 🙁 That took us to lunchtime so we picked up some sandwiches from M&S and a bottle of water and made our way to the car.

It was cold in the car so we decided to eat when we got to our next stop off. The adult store. We were the only people sitting outside the shop eating our sandwiches. Most visitors make for the shop as quickly as they can from the car. Not us we have a bloody picnic right outside. Lol

We browsed the DVD stands for new titles, it was quiet today only a couple of men in there and one woman who I think was with the tall greying guy. There was nothing much to catch the eye so we settled for a new production company and another title in a series we have seen before.

Whilst Alex sorted out payment I had a browse around the toy section and listened in to a girl buying a clit vibe. The saleswoman was advising her on which ones were best and I felt the urge to jump in and offer my advice. It is so difficult to not offer advice when I’m in there. I bit my tongue and let the saleswoman sell her a rather pricey little vibe.

I didn’t spot anything new, in fact the store is quite behind with its stock I could recommend some good lines they should buy in. Lol We made our way out of the store and back to the car and as Alex was climbing in he noticed something.

He had only been walking around most of the day with his flies undone! I laughed all the way home.