Hard-Up And Fucking

By | December 2, 2008

I saw a story on the BBC News website at lunch today that really made me laugh. Then made me say “No shit Sherlock”. I can’t find the link at the moment as I browsed it at work and it’s disappeared from the front pages of the Beeb’s site. However the gist of it was that because going out is less affordable at the moment us Brits will be staying in and shagging more.

Inspired don’t you think.

This is one of those stories that I often see when the economic climate gets a little difficult. Usually in the tabloids. It repeats every time we have a recession.

However it sounds like common sense to me. Saves on heating as you generate your own warmth and makes sure you and your partner stay close. So long as you use an appropriate form of contraception, and when necessary condoms, I have to say I’m all for it.

We Brits ought to keep exploring our sexuality. For too long we’ve pretended that we’re not into anything other than “virtuous sex”. You know the “only for procreation and we didn’t enjoy it at all” kind of sex.

When a pint of beer costs anything from £3 up and the taxi home can mean a re-mortgage stopping I seems more and more attractive. And for not much more than a decent size round of drinks you can add a sex toy too.

And of course if you want to be even more adventurous, why not invite the friends you would have previously gone to pub with to join in?