Busty Gets Busted

By | December 1, 2008

I’m not sure if I told you this last week but Busty is off now until Friday, leaving Horny and myself to handle the workload. Both of them had holiday to take before the end of the year because it cannot be taken forward in to the New Year.

Consequently I am going to be working like a nutter for the next few weeks because as soon as she returns Horny has something like two and a half weeks to take. I get just 21 days but they joined when extra days could be accrued with loyalty. I’m not planning on staying there till next Christmas, I’m sick of the sexist regime and unfair treatment, I won’t bore you with the details but I hope to move on next year if the employment market makes an upturn.

On her last day in work, which was last Friday, Busty had Horny and I giggling like school girls. She had been to the mall to do some shopping and visited a shop she regularly frequents. She goes there so often that the security guy says hello when she passes him. 🙂

And this is wear the trouble starts. She has been saying hello and sharing the odd conversation for weeks and he now looks for her when she goes in. On this visit he shouted “Hi” to her and she ignored him believing that he would leave it there. He didn’t, he actually followed her as she walked out of the store doors in to the carpark and repeated his greeting.

She said she had hoped to ignore him but he wasn’t going to let it slip. So, she turned around and said hello believing that would be it. It wasn’t he asked her what she would be doing this Christmas.

Busty said she couldn’t believe he had asked her and hoped that he hadn’t got anything planned for her. “I’m going to stay over till New Year in Tyneside with my parents”….”I must dash because I’m late back to work”, and she scurried off before he could say anything else.

We rather cruelly giggled between ourselves. I asked her if she would be going in that shop again and she said that she would have to exit the store via another door to avoid him.

“This is not just a security guard but an M&S security guard” Lol