You Can Have Too Much Sex

By | December 2, 2008

OK, well maybe that’s not quite accurate. You can have far too much crap talked about sex.

One of the problems with the Internet is that anyone can publish pretty much whatever they want and the vast majority of that falls into two categories. First the stuff that you’re not interested in. That can be because you don’t like the subject matter, you don’t like the writing style, or you’ve read it, ors something similar before. The other category is the stuff that is just a pile of steamy horse shit. It’s either obviously biased or incorrect.

That leaves the shining little gems that you do want to read, the sites you keep returning to. That’s what bookmarks where made for :o)

Adult content is the same as any other content on the Web. Most of it if carbon copy commercial crap. You trawl through hundreds of pages to reach the ones with something worth reading or looking at or watching.

If it’s just for titillation that’s fine, but what about advice. There are a few good sites out there if you want advice on sexual matters but there is an awful lot dross, either biased or plain inaccurate. Either written by people who are less knowledgeable than they care to admit to you and themselves, or people who want to deliberately confused and misinform.

The reason I mention it is that the Urban Dictionary web site seems to be decending into chaos at the moment with completely spurious definitions and new, words and phrases being added because someone thought it was funny. It used to be an interesting read but now just stands to prove that without effective moderation and peer review any community site can quickly be overwhelmed by contributors who have no interest in accuracy and spreading information but plenty of interest in seeing their own names on the web. No matter how inane the writing associated with that name.

Lets hope they get their moderation sorted out soon and return the site to the interesting read it was not so long ago.

And if you do need information about sex try and find an impartial source that isn’t trying to sell you anything and has some credentials. Then find another unrelated source and see if you can corroborate the information you read in the first one. It could mean the difference between improving your sex life or not. It may even save your life.

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