Busty’s Blowjob Obesssion

By | December 3, 2008

It’s just been me and Horny in the office today. I looked longingly at Busty’s chair several times during today. Something is missing in the office when she isn’t there in her fishnets and low cut tops. *grin*

I hate Mondays but Horny was in really good spirit it may have something to do with the fact that as of Friday she will be jetting off to somewhere nice and hot. For some reason she didn’t use up her holiday entitlement earlier in the year and has now got about 13 days to take before Christmas.

By the time afternoon came round we were both ready for the off and not really wanting to be there. Well for me that happens around 9am. Lol One of the girls from upstairs came in to our office and had a chat. Horny was explaining that she was taking a case but being careful how much she packed so she didn’t incur a charge.

She thought it would be a good idea to purchase a…and I’m not making it up…”blowjob”. We all fell around laughing both seeing the funny side but also a little shocked to hear her say that. Not that we are prudes, just that she can be a bit standoffish sometimes and to have her come out with that took us both by surprise.

“Oh! I’ve got blowjobs on my mind”, she added laughing.
“Clearly”, I replied.
“No, what I meant to say was that I need to buy a holdall to take onboard the plane”, she said with a giggle.
“Ok, we know what you meant”, I added with a wink.

I’m not sure what goes through her mind but they do say that it is always the quiet ones you should watch out for. 😉