We’re Gonna Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!

By | December 4, 2008

I’m a dirty bitch, you know it I know it and I think the girls at work are beginning to think it. Lol Although they know nothing of my online journaling. We have naughty conversations at work every now and then and it is left at that.

Sometimes I would love to share at least in part some of my private “online” life, especially when the conversation comes round to sex toys. You see Horny won’t entertain them. For some reason she remarks that she only likes the real thing. I’m sure if she let herself go she would open up a whole new world of enjoyment.

I will never understand why women would deny themselves (especially when they are without a boyfriend) the pleasure. Could it be that they don’t want to admit that sex toys can be as pleasurable as a male but in a different way and that it isn’t rejection of the male to use toys.

I’m not sure where it comes from. It’s remarks like that which make me wonder if Horny is ever so slightly repressed when it comes to bedroom activities.

Which is exactly why I almost choked on my cup of tea at work today when she told me about a text conversation between her and a male acquaintance. From the way she spoke of him in the past I thought it was just a platonic relationship.

But today she shocked the pants off me. He had sent her a message along the lines of he couldn’t wait to see her this coming weekend. Her reply which threw me was “Yes, we are going to fuck, fuck, fuck!”.

I must have been sat with my mouth open for moments before adding “I don’t blame you…enjoy”. It was one of those rare occasions when I found myself floundering for words. Lol

Just shows that you don’t know someone that well even after working with them for almost two years. What will she do next? 😉