Now It’s His Turn To Cum

By | December 4, 2008

It’s a fact that the vast majority of sex toys are designed with women in mind. Despite recent releases from all manufacturers the balance of toys in number and ingenuity is still firmly tipped towards those catering for women.

There are three reasons for this as I see it.

First, blokes are quite happy to manage with their hand. That’s not to say that women can’t do a little bit of auto-stimulation, but even the most flexible and ingenious of girls can’t make her fingers feel like she’s been penetrated by a cock. When a guy masturbates it can be a very quick affair too, and you only get one shot until your body has recovered, reset and is ready to produce you with another hardon to pound to orgasm.

Then there’s the embarrassment factor. While every man masturbates at some point during their life they don’t want to admit to being that preoccupied with it. Although everyone knows that men are obsessed with sex, being obsessed with masturbation isn’t such a good thing. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying it, regularly, but masturbation is a release and can never really replace sex with a partner. It’s a different experience altogether. There is of course no reason why you can’t enjoy masturbation. So why not enjoy it with a toy?

Finally I think there has been a lack of courage on the part of the marketing teams at the manufacturers and retailers. If you have a product that sells well are in a market that is as personal as adult toy sales you probably wouldn’t want to risk breaking into a new market. After all you could lose a lot of money if you found out that the guys didn’t want to buy your new super whiz-bang toy.

Luckily things have moved on, in the design, manufacture, marketing and the world’s attitudes to toys for blokes.

Gone are the tacky blow-up dolls and cheap plastic toys; They have been replaced by purpose designed items that are user-friendly and feel good to use. As attitudes towards sex on the part of men and women have changed men have benefited in the area of sex toys as much as, if not more than women.

One problem that does remain is that of anal toys. Anal play is the one area that still holds the biggest contradiction in the world’s attitude towards sexuality and sex play. While many men want to try anal sex – an act that would once have had you marked down as gay, even if the receiver of your attentions was female – there is still a problem in some men’s minds when it comes to receiving anal stimulation themselves. Yes gay men use anal sex toys, but so do straight blokes.

If women enjoy anal sex does that make them gay men? If an adult movie has anal sex (male on female) in it, does that make it a homosexual movie because an anus is involved? I don’t think so.