She’s Sucking My Cock!

By | December 4, 2008

I remember the first time a girl went down on me. I couldn’t believe my luck.

We’d been getting amorous and had ended up on the deep pile pink carpet, naked and groping for what seemed like an eternity. Don’t ask about the carpet, long story. We were about to get down to it, my cock hard and ready, her pussy awaiting its imminent invasion and then we heard a noise outside.

As you can imagine we were not in a place that either of us could call our own and discovery at this stage in someone else’s place, naked and engaged in extreme naughtiness would have been embarrassing to say the least. We both froze and my heart skipped.

Then there was silence. I waited a minute then checked the windows, whether it was a fox or some other creature of the night that had made the noise I never found out. But there was nobody in sight and I returned to her, now wrapped in a blanket and sitting cross-legged on the sea of pink shagpile.

“Nobody there?” she asked.

“No, nothing.” I answered. Then I followed her gaze, to my crotch. My previously proud erection was not pointing south and although heavy and full of blood it was a shadow of its former self.

She raised her self to her knees and reached our, pulling me towards her with a hand on my buttock. Then she did it, she lifted my cock to her lips and drew it into her mouth, licking it, sucking it, giving it the warmest of welcomes.

“You don’t have to do that I gasped.” Because it seemed like the right thing to say.

She stopped and release me from her mouth. Looking up she said “I don’t do things unless I want to do them.” She smiled briefly and then continued to stimulate my growing member with her tongue.

A few minutes later and I was fully erect again.

“There.” She said, “What do you think we should do with that?”

I think I can leave that bit to your imagination. What I’d remembered, and what spurred me to write this post was the complete surprise that I felt, swiftly followed by excitement and elation that she wanted to suck my cock. It wasn’t a blowjob, it was a means to an end. She wanted me to fuck her and it served us well in that respect. We both enjoyed it, me for obvious reasons and it would seem she liked the feeling of empowerment it gave to her; Being able to bring my drooping penis back to life.

The things that pop into my head LOL!

That was before we introduced sex toys into our relationship …