Feminist Porn Awards, Do They Matter?

By | December 4, 2008

Feminist Porn Awards 2008Feminism is a word that means different things to different people. It comes from a time when women had little respect from many of their male contemporaries and was derided by men and some women because it seemed to upset the world order that had been in place for so long.

Because of the radical elements that became associated with Feminism in the 20th Century feminism got itself a bad name for being anti-men. For some feminists I’m sure that is true, but that’s as sick as a man trying to prevent a woman from reaching her true potential.

One area where women do need to exert an influence is in porn. The industry is so male dominated that it leads to hundreds of appallingly bad titles being produced. They are bad because they are unimaginative and they treat the performer, both female and male as performing machines. They are joyless and passionless and try to make up for these deficiencies by depicting increasingly extreme acts and ignoring what sex should be about, passion and fun.

Even if the protagonists are acting they should be in scenes that are just believable enough to ensure the viewer can become engaged and therefore aroused.

One way this can happen is to allow new blood into the filmmaking process, both male and female. Men probably find it easier as their roles as writers, producers, directors and technical staff are well defined. But it’s initiatives like the Feminist Porn Awards that make it easier for women to enter the industry, knowing that their contribution is welcomed and encouraged.

I don’t want a hearts and flowers porn movie (though I’m sure some consumers of porn do) but I do want one where the woman is not merely a glorified male masturbator for 98% of the film and ends it with her face covered in the male performers cum.