Office Totty

By | December 5, 2008

If you follow this blog you may remember the sales guy from our other office. He came over a few months ago to do a presentation to us all and went to the toilet before hand. When he came back down and may I add I didn’t notice which is unlike me, he had left his flies undone.

I cursed myself all day for missing that one. He is tall dark and handsome with an athletic build and a sexy accent. No need to tell you that Busty and Horny go all unnecessary when they speak to him on the phone and a visit will send them wild. 😉

Well, tomorrow Horny goes off on her holidays and guess what. The sales guy is coming to our office to pick up some of Horny’s workload. Lets all shout HURRAY! Busty returns from her holiday and boy have I missed her and that lovely pair of boobies.

The weather has turned quite bitter over the past few days so she may have them well wrapped up when she returns on Friday. 🙁 I can just imagine sitting between both of them tomorrow.

For the first time in ages, I’m actually quite looking forward to work tomorrow. Wish me luck!