Grog And A Gob Job

By | December 6, 2008

Last week was busy we certainly felt the pressure with Horny being on holiday. It does have its up side though with me having Busty all to myself. *dirty laugh*

Come Friday night I was ready to unwind and to be honest get wrecked. We started the evening watching television to unwind and then slipped on a bit of porn. It was a bit disappointing in being formulaic and uninspired. How I would love the opportunity to direct my own…perhaps one day. 😉

We lay side by side, my hand idly laying across Alex’s groin and before long my gentle caresses had roused the beast and he was hardening under my touch. It was an arousing surprise because I was so laid back I hadn’t realised I was playing with him. Sometimes it’s like I go in to autopilot or something. It shows what is going on in my sewer of a head. Lol

Without any airs and graces Alex rose up on to his knees and took my hand, guiding me over to his side of the bed where he flipped me over and I now found myself on my knees. Fingers ran along my slit checking my moisture levels between my pouting labia.

Then with one deep hard thrust he was inside me and started fucking me like a man possessed. We both wanted and needed it and within what seemed like moments I was coming, knees trembling with the intensity of my orgasm. I steadied myself moving my hands further forward, stabilising my quivering body.

Alex sensed the intensity of my climax and began to fuck me harder and faster. Then with one almighty roar he pushed his erection in to me for the last time before he exploded inside my pussy.

It felt so good to release all the tensions of the week. They seemed to ebb from me as I came, I felt cleansed and sated.

We took a few moments to regain composure and then wandered off to the bathroom to clean up. When we returned we watched some more of the latest porn we purchased, two girls bathing together, caressing, playing and fingering.

Alex was enjoying the scene, so as he lay back I decided to go down under the duvet and check he was totally clean with my tongue. I remember taking him in my mouth and pulling back his foreskin, running my tongue around his glans, flicking, sucking…

…the next thing I recall was waking up to the television showing some early morning crap game show, it was 2am!

I turned off the television.

Then it was morning and a knock on the door. The postman was delivering my latest toy hot from the USA. I’ll be revealing exactly what I got later this evening.