Inflatable Boobies

By | December 7, 2008

I had to laugh when I read this story. A container full of inflatable boobs left Beijing docks a couple of weeks ago headed for Sydney. When the container reached its destination it was empty. 130,000 boobs missing in action. Lol

The toys were for mens magazine Ralph to be handed out as freebies with their January publication. The article didn’t elaborate on the purpose of the boobies i.e masturbation aid or comedy novelty. 😉

Santi Pinatado asked if anyone with information as to the whereabouts of the consignment to contact him. He went on to add “Unless Somali pirates have stolen them it’s difficult to explain where they are”.

I wonder if they have been used by the pirates to make a quick get away. 🙂

Apparently in 1992 a consignment of 30,000 chinese plastic ducks destined for the US were washed overboard in a storm. Some of them turned up in Australia but some rather remarkably turned up on the English coastline some 15 years later.

I have this hilarious vision of marine life wearing false boobs now. I’m obviously working far too hard. Lol