Take One Secretary And A Vibrator

By | December 7, 2008

I thought we were just about finished with the Christmas shopping but sadly not. I forgot to buy Alex a card and missed out several members of the family on my present list. Although they won’t be getting much this year as we feel the pinch with the economy in ruin.

So this morning we got straight off in an attempt to beat the crowds and landed at the shopping mall a good twenty minutes before most of the shops opened. Both of us were relieved to find that there weren’t as many people there as we expected.

Once the roller doors had opened we could start exploring the shops. As we approached the Ann Summers shop Alex suggested we take a look to see if they had anything new inside. The shop was almost empty as we made our way to the rear where they keep the naughtiest products. I took a quick look at the toys on offer, they were no different to the last time we visited.

As I made my way out of the designated Vibrator area I overheard a woman asking “Do you do this in a size 26?”. The question got my attention because, as you will probably know if you have been in one of these shops, they only tend to hang out the teeny weeny sizes as they look the best on the hangers.

This woman was determined not to be put off by this as she stood next to the secretary outfits holding her newly found vibrator. I had to smile to myself at just how good it is to see someone with the guts to go in there and ask for what she wants. 😉

And to her credit the store assistant appeared from the storeroom at the back of the shop clutching a pinstriped dress complete with tie.

Go girl!