Shooting His Load

By | December 9, 2008

I shouldn’t laugh at this story but I just can’t help myself. And the headline read “An American man has reportedly shot his wife in the chest while reaching for something on the nightstand during sex”.

Mrs havens, 42 of Springfield Ohio is in a critical condition and is being treated in Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton.

There is some speculation about the circumstances surrounding the incident, because Mr Havens. 38 had served 60 days in jail for assaulting his wife and was ordered to undergo anger management. It’s not looking good for him is it?

Even though the incident was alleged to have happened during sex he was arrested for violating a civil protection order that he wife had taken out against him earlier in the year. Which makes you wonder why she would be having sex with him in the first place.

The line which clinched this for me was this according to news website “Timothy Haven’s pistol went off during sex, (as it should lol) shooting his estranged wife Carolyn Havens, 42 in the upper chest”.

Juvenile I know but it tickled me. 🙂