Look But Don’t Touch, It’s a Sin!

By | December 9, 2008

As I mentioned Suze came home from work with a bottle of wine, which she gave to me as a compensation for being in on my own. After I pointed out that this was not really of much use to me it kind of deflated her a little but the thought was there.

I picked up busty on the way to the restaurant. Guess what. She pushed a bottle into my hands as a thank you for picking her up and dropping her off later. And of course I can’t touch that either as I have driving to do.

It gets better, both Cabernet Sauvignon, one is a bottle of Hardy’s Stamp, the other Wolf Blass Yellow label. My top two wine choices.

It’s like being Adam in the garden of Eden. Except I have two women tempting me. Both with obvious bounties aside from the wine. Ah well, one of them is coming home with me later. Hehehe