Good Omens

By | February 24, 2007

I’m not a superstitious sort, but in times of adversity I think everyone looks for signs that things will be getting better soon. Don’t get me wrong, things are getting better for us now. Suze has her new job and I’m feeling, well OK. It’ll be a slow road back from where we are to where we were a few years ago, then eventually where we’d like to be. Vague enough for you? 🙂

OK, so what am I rambling on about? The sun’s shining this morning and I thought I’d tell you about the dream that I had last night and woke up with this morning.

The dream started with me waking up and looking out of the bedroom window. Drawing the curtains revealed a scene of winter splendour, just before dawn. A snowy tableau illuminated by a silvery-blue moon. The twenty centimetres of virgin snow was soon crossed by a number of anonymous white vans. Suddenly one van after another lost control on the bend outside our house and spun out of control. With physics-defying twists and rolls, one by one the houses either side of us were invaded by vans crashing through their front walls.

Cars parked at the side of the road were mangled. I watched as every house for a few doors in either direction was seriously damaged, except ours. As the carnage stopped I breathed a sigh of relief and put my arm around Suze who had come to watch the macabre spectacle. Then, and this is the really whacky bit, three robots, twenty metres high rose from behind the houses across our street. They were rather Manga in appearance with blue eyes and an array of fiendish looking weapons, like Transformers on acid.

One of the robots noticed us standing looking out of the window, I met his gaze and knew what came next. I grabbed Suze by the arm and dragged her to the landing. But there was no explosion, no shattering of glass. Instead we where in the garden, in late spring, planning how to extend the house and do the maintenance that has been pending for a couple of years.

So the dream turned on sixpence, a lucky sixpence I hope, and I was looking forward to a good year. I woke up calm and content, slid my arm around Suze and stroked her breasts, until I got up and wrote this.

My mood today, cautiously optimistic.