Chinese Hot Housewives In Macau

By | December 11, 2008

One thing’s for certain, when Monty Python features a sketch in a tobacconist’s shop about a Hungarian with a less than reliable phrase book they identified a very real problem. You need to employ a good translator.

Unfortunately the people at the Max Planck Institute didn’t understand this and have made a bit of a blunder. In their latest edition of the Institute’s journal they decided to feature a Chinese “classical poem” on the cover. It was only after the journal have been printed that they discovered the text was not a poem, but the text of a flier from a Macau strip joint advertising “Hot Housewives In Action!”.

Or maybe it wasn’t a mistake, maybe it was just a way of trying to get otherwise introverted nuclear physicists to enjoy themselves a little?

Schrödinger’s pussy was never like this …

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