Lusty Busty

By | December 12, 2008

AlexSuzeIt was our big night out o Tuesday with some clients who were treating Busty and myself to dinner. They called us to let us know that we needed to increase the table booking to 6 people, we knew the couple but had no idea who else would be there.

Busty and I were dropped off at the restaurant on time but we were the first to arrive. We both ordered drinks whilst we waited for the others to appear. We sat on one side of the table, leaving just one seat next to Busty, a decision she would be extremely happy about later. 😉

About ten minutes in to our drinks they all arrived together and took seats at the table. Busty now found herself sitting next to a guy we had never met before. This did not disconcert her in the slightest, she was in there like a snake for the kill. Lol

She went in to mega flirt mode, playing with her hair, giggling, the works. This guy had obviously stirred her deep down and she was letting him know it. The food was delicious and the company very interesting and amusing.

And the wine was flowing, we all didn’t realise just how much we had consumed. The problem being that the waiters were so attentive that as soon as you finished they automatically replenished your drinks. Hick!

We finished eating and I called Alex to come and collect us. As I hung up the phone they suggested that we all go to a bar, so when Alex arrived at around 12pm he was asked to come with us.

I had some kind of Bacardi cocktail and Busty sat herself on a bar stool next to Mr Perfect. Next thing she’s placing her foot in his lap showing him her bright pink sateen stilettos with an illegal heel. *giggle*

Fully aware that I would have to get up for work the following (that day) day I said my goodbyes after the cocktail and Busty stayed on to be dropped off later by them.

This morning I felt dreadfully hung over and when I arrived at work I knew that I was in better condition than Busty. She showed me her knees where she fell down as they left the bar, they were grazed and cut. “I don’t know how I’m going to explain this to him”, she remarked about her boyfriend. I suggested that she tell him they were carpet burns. 🙂 He is an arsehole and so deserves it.

I had been in the office about 10 minutes when Busty had to go to the toilet to be sick. Over the course of the day she got better and more importantly she gave the guy her number. So, we will see what happens. She so deserves a good man.