Lets Be More Than Friends

By | December 12, 2008

Jennifer AnistonI’m well aware if you are in the public eye that the pressure to remain young and beautiful must be tremendously weighty. Eternal youth is now just one expensively addictive step away thanks to the surgeons knife.

But you have to ask “Isn’t there a time when you should say enough is enough”. This is usually the point when you start to resemble someone else and no longer look like you did, not even in your youth.

I’m not saying don’t have the odd nip and tuck but please don’t try to look in your twenties when you’re clearly decades beyond that. A prime example of this is Joan Rivers, and David Guest comes a close second.

You look at these people and say “Who the hell are you?”.

There seems to be a fine line between turning back the years and creating a new person all together. What brought me to this point is the fact that Jennife Aniston has just posed for a semi naked calendar and also been featured in GQ Magazine.

At first I didn’t recognise her, she looks about 25 but doesn’t resemble herself at that age. In fact if the images I have seen are anything to go by, she looks much better. Spooky!