Wet T-Shirts And All

By | December 12, 2008

Tamzin OuthwaiteI just stumbled across a new website, it’s not totally functional yet but I thought it worthy of a mention and our support. It’s the Fresh2O website which has been set up to enable the provision of clean water for drinking and sanitation purposes.

One Child Dies From Dirty Water Every 15 Seconds

Here is their mission statement from their home page

fresh2o is a dramatic initiative, designed to raise awareness of this incredible challenge to humanity.

Innovative photographer Candice, a pioneer of the underwater portrait, has devised an incredibly impactful series of images using celebrity icons with a global presence. These extraordinary portraits are designed to connect, engage and motivate consumers worldwide, alerting the globe to the fresh water crisis.

The images fronting our campaign are the heart of the fresh2o drive for awareness, encompassing touring exhibitions, art installations and educational activities. With a series of fundraising activities planned over a 3 year commitment to enabling fresh water, our fundraising focus is to establish international projects for the provision of clean water and sanitation to the world.

Income raised through the fresh2o vision is channelled into communities through partner organisations, whose essential expertise in sanitation and fresh water supply ensures the most direct injection of help exactly where it is needed. Skilled knowledge and labour in community mapping, well-drilling, pump and pipeline construction and cultural liaison are managed and implemented at the grass roots level breathing life back into waters sustaining so many.

Go and take a look at the wonderful underwater images and perhaps donate some of your spare cash to a good cause this Christmas.