Sizzle I’m Hot!

By | December 13, 2008

Hot GirlWhy do people insist on coming to work when they are clearly not fit to do so? This guy at work spent the last couple of days telling us just how ill he has been but he didn’t want to take time of work. He was running a fever, taking antibiotics for his chest infection and looked like shit.

For some strange reason he thought coming in to work and bragging about the fact he had done so, made him a martyr. I commented that he would probably take longer to shake off his virus because he was running himself down instead of recovering. And as a result would probably infect everyone else in the office too. So, instead of one person taking some downtime, several people would, which clearly makes no sense to anyone.

Guess what! Friday the girl in our mailroom phoned in sick. Then last night I got home and felt like my whole body was burning up. I still feel feverish as I write this (that’s dedication to duty for you. Lol). At the moment I have a soaring temperature, sore throat and feel like someone just poured acid down my throat every time I cough.

Despite my illness we still attempted to fuck last night, nothing stops that. 😉 But Alex did complain it was like sticking his cock in to a furnace. One thing I did note, you need lube when you have a fever because every trace of moisture dries up in the heat.

Tip of the day fever=lube