Christmas Sugar Rush

By | December 13, 2008

Rachel StevensNo, I’m not talking about eating too much Christmas cake here, but about too much sickly sweet Christmas entertainment.

I don’t include in this “It’s a Wonderful Life” or having good will to all men (and women), that’s what Christmas is about. Showing how much you care about your fellow human beings and especially those close to you and those less fortunate than yourself.

No, what I object to is people re-releasing crap Christmas songs, often covers that either have been done better by other people or should not have been released in the first place. I think it’s because around Christmas people have the idea that a certain type of enforced fun is required, and if you tick the boxes you get carte blanc to turn out whatever crap you like.

Specifically I’m talking about Mariah Carey. She’s re-released “All I want for Christmas Is You”. Again.


It’s one of the worst Christmas singles ever. OK, so having alienated both of Mariah Carey’s remaining fans I’ll continue on the road to self-destruction by saying this.

Rachel Stevens should not be allowed to win Strictly Come Dancing.

I know it’s all for charity and I suppose we shouldn’t take it all so seriously. However we are totally fed up with Rachel and her partner being given 10s for perfect competent (though not perfect) but often uninspiring dances while others such as Tom Chambers, Lisa Snowdon and Austin Healey got marked down for far superior performances with more character and spirirt.

I have a prediction. Rachel will win the competition unless the Great British public vote her out in the final because I can’t see her being eliminated this week. Even if she is in the dance-off this week I can see the judges voting her back for next week even if she falls over and forgets her moves.

Right, now that I’ve pissed off all S Club fans I’ll say adieu.