Come and Sit On My Knee …

By | December 13, 2008

Capitalist SantaWe’re off out to do a little shopping and wotnot tomorrow. I’m sure there’ll be a queue at the local shopping centre around Santa’s Grotto. Kids pestering their parents to see the big man himself and pester him for the latest plastic rubbish they saw on the ads on Nickelodeon this morning.

The reason that came to mind was our nephew’s mother made a comment that made me laugh yesterday. When we were dropping him off at her house we asked if he’d been to see Santa. She replied that he hadn’t yet, but that he’d probably cry when he saw the jolly red-faced reindeer musher because that’s what happened last year.

The kid’s only three years old and that to me smacks of a child who is a great judge of character if you ask me. I mean if you spend the whole of a child’s life telling them to run away screaming when a stranger approaches them, asking them to sit on their knee and offering them presents in return, it’s exactly the reaction you want. LOL

We’ll get him to send an email to Santa and if Santa starts asking too many questions about where to deliver the presents to we’ll inform the police. 😛

Only two weeks to the holidays and they can’t come soon enough. There’s loads of stuff I want to do on the sites ( and before the year turns. Pressure of work is increasing too as I’m working on a project that needs to be completed for the new year for my client to comply with new regulations that take effect from 01 Jan 08. So there really aren’t any spare moments in my life right now.

Until then, you can enjoy our posts (you do enjoy them right?), our videos on YouTube (this is the latest, the rest are on the right-hand sidebar) and our galleries here.

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