The World’s Next Top Porn Icon

By | December 14, 2008

With the passing of the legendary Bettie Page on Friday the world lost one of its few truly iconic personalities in the adult arena.

Despite being a recluse for decades, Bettie Page touched everyone in the adult world and beyond through the photographs and moving images she was featured in. If you want to know more about Bettie’s life you can visit this site.

So who’s going to replace her? Well that is an unfair question, you can’t replace an icon as they are unique by their nature. In that case, who will succeed her? Again I don’t think that’s really valid as the world has changed from one where amateur photographers committed a models image to rolls of film to one where we all have access to digital recording media and can transmit an image around the world from a mobile device around the world in seconds.

Personally I think that there will be no more icons like Bettie. Yes there will be names, faces, images but nobody truly iconic.

All media is too ephemeral. Stars have a short window of opportunity where their perceived attractiveness and therefore commercial worth is at its zenith. Then, while the images of them will circulate forever on the Internet the performer/model is consigned to the scrap heap.