Sexual Injury

By | December 14, 2008

You may recall that I recently had the misfortune to sustain an injury to my foot which made it difficult for me to put weight on it. Not only that, we had actually take a couple of days away in the South of the country. Bugger! Yes, it was bugger indeed. I couldn’t believe it, the first break we have had in a few years and I’m hobbling around.

I couldn’t attribute my injury to any specific thing, I was just walking around on the sea front and the next thing I know I can’t take weight on my left foot. Alex and I had to make our way back to the car with my foot becoming increasingly more painful. Almost like it had gone in to spasm.

The only way I could walk on it was to actually turn my foot on its side. It looked strange but enabled me to get back to the car which we parked in a carpark in the town centre.

And the next morning we had to attend hospital to get it checked out. There were no broken bones, they believed I had sprained it. It was so bloody painful.

Even now I still have a weakness in my left foot, from the ankle to the fourth and fifth toes. I have been slightly hobbling for weeks now.

But tonight I may have discovered how I am prolonging my injury, in fact I have gained a strain on my right foot too but it isn’t as debilitating. The answer came tonight…as I did. Lol

I realised that when I am stimulating my clit I tend to cross one foot over the other and push down. This in some way seems to focus the intensity of my orgasm. Don’t ask me why. It seems that tensing my muscles aids my orgasm, which ripples through my back and up through my spinal column to my nervous system.

I’m no biologist but that is exactly what it feels like.

Therefore, every time I do this I am straining my foot muscles and perhaps guiders without realising it.

So, what is the answer? Do I give up bringing myself off?

No, I’m trying to proactively avoid adopting this pre orgasm position in order to avoid further sexual injury.

They say pleasure has a price…