Office Heat

By | December 14, 2008

The traffic from the road outside had died away. The constant drone of noise replaced by the occasional lonely vehicle thrumming along the tarmac. It was about four in the morning. He’d been up all night and he was nearly done, but fatigue was slowing his mental processes to a crawl and making the last few pages of the report a nightmare to pull together.

He heard her get up, again. She had been patient, knowing the urgency of the job but concerned that his devotion to completing it would earn scant recognition and no praise when he presented it to his manager. He heard her soft footfalls on the landing carpet and the door to his study pushed open.

She paused a moment, observing his posture, slumped, his movements, lethargic.

“You need some rest.” She said, almost pleading.

“I’m almost done.”

“You said that an hour ago.”

“I know.”

“You carry on.” She told him, “Don’t mind me.”

She knelt next to him while he typed, her hand reached into his crotch and cupped his balls and cock enclosed in the briefs he wore under his dressing gown.

His concentration was now split between the thankless task on the PC and the stirrings in his loins. Despite his fatigue his cock was moving, balls in motion, tingling.

He persevered, consuming the last reserves of concentration and willpower that he possessed to push on with the document that must be completed. Must be …

She had his cock in her hand now, his underwear pulled down to mid thigh. He could feel her blowing on his exposed glans, her fingers sliding his foreskin back and forth.

His determination to complete the report finally evaporated and he pushed himself from under the desk. Still seated he leaned back in the chair. She let his erection slide between her pursed lips, the enjoyment from the sweat friction this caused only surpassed by the lapping of her tongue around the tip of his penis.

He would have groaned, if he had the energy but instead just lay, eyes closed and listed to her slurping, sucking mouth as she tasted the precum oozing from him.

She released his cock from her mouth and stood up. His eyes opened, blinded by the glare from the ceiling lamp he squinted at her silhouette. Her silk robe was unfastened and he saw she was naked underneath. She lifted her leg and straddled him, reaching down to guide his stiff cock into her.

She lowered her pussy onto him, sitting in his lap, joined by the most intimate of connections. She pulled him to her, burying his face in her bosom. He felt her vaginal muscles clench at his cock, the wetness from her on his scrotum. She slowly raised herself up then lowered her hot snatch onto his cock, again and again and again. He pressed into her breasts, kissing and licking them. He found a nipple and sucked gently at it while she continued her gentle undulations.

In his now half conscious state he could feel himself cumming and hear her heart beating faster as a tiny shudder ran through her. She let herself slide down until she was sat in his lap and let the muscles of her cunt coax a long, slow, orgasm from him. Each spasmodic pumping of cum gushing from his cock with the speed of cooling lava.

She held his head against her chest until he drift off to sleep.