I Couldn’t Live Without Porn

By | December 15, 2008

We often visit our local adult store as you know because I mention our visits quite frequently. 😉 Alex and I only frequent the shop to stock up on R18 DVD’s because like many other countries the UK has strict rules on the acquisition and sales of pornographic video.

Therefore the only option available to source the good stuff is a visit to the adult store. They have quite a few titles but a slow turnover of stock, which restricts choice slightly. But we cope. Lol

We have tried most of the major players in the market and the one which stands out above the rest is Harmony, they are slightly different to the norm. I got quite excited about watching Marc Dorcell but was immediately turned off by the condoms they are required to wear. Good for sexual health but not very arousing in a porn flick.

Then I spotted Ninn Worx, they looked good but the one we selected was full of staged situations in a white studio. It didn’t work for me, although the girls were very nice.

Anyway, I have drifted off subject. What I wanted to say was that there has been a significant drop off of custom at our local sex store every time we have visited and I’m hoping that we aren’t witnessing its demise.

Where would we get our porn if that happens? Panic!