She’s Hot For My Man, I Hope She’s Cute

By | December 16, 2008

A Sexual Tryst You Can’t Refuse

Well thanks very much to the guy at work who martyred himself last week by coming to work ill. Alex and I have spent the weekend in bed (not that kind of in bed, naughty people! 😉 suffering fever, coughing and sneezing and now I have what I think could be the start of a chest infection.

When I return to work I may just have to give him a slap!

I had planned to spend the penultimate weekend doing some cleaning jobs ready to receive visitors and family over the Christmas period. That was put asunder by the little bastard. As you can tell I’m none too pleased with him.

Putting that aside something did cheer me up when I checked our emails this afternoon, it was a lovely letter from a Romanian girl. Have a read it was so touching I thought I would share it with you all.

How are you today ,i hope all is well with you .My name is aisha
l saw your profile on this site
,I am a female of 24 years old.i will like to exterbelished long lasting relationship with you ,In addition dear i will like you to e-mail me through my private box **** (i will be happy to read from you and also i will still tell you more about me here am lacking words of appetite .waiting to hear from you.
and i want you to know that distance age or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life. and i promise u a good relationship,
thank you from,

The question it raises is “Has Alex been spending time hanging around”. Lol No, seriously we are totally open with each other so there is no way I could regard this email as anything other than a confidence trick of some sort.

However, what if the person receiving this type of email didn’t have an open and trusting relationship with his other half. This email could cause all sorts of problems.

I’m glad that we are so secure with each other that I can just laugh at it and admire their scamming ingenuity. Perhaps next time they should check the spelling and grammer before sending it out. Lol

Note: is not the name of the site I didn’t want to mention the one I got in the email as I don’t want to give spammers any traffic, or even a mention.